Flippers - Change the way you Scentsyđź’ˇ

If you're like me, you've been searching for a solution to cleaning out the wax from your warmer trays, read on because your search is over and your prayers have been answered.

Hello and welcome, my name is Tammy Brown and I am from a small town in Northern Alberta, Canada. I don't know about your town but we as a community love our Scentsy. Smells for me and many others have memories attached to them and I think we all enjoy the deja vu of a great memory, hence why I love to use Scentsy in my home. 

Here's what I don't love about using my Scentsy wax warmers...cleaning out the wax in the trays!!! 

I've heard it all, especially from reps...what?! It's so easy to clean them out...mine just pop out;


Use a cotton ball, it soaks right up;


Stick it in the freezer, it will come right out, and countless other suggestions or evasions of the real problem...cleaning that wax out of your warmer trays is a messy and time consuming chore that frankly I don't have time for. It's a real problem!  Show of hands, who has warmers sitting there collecting dust because you can't be bothered to clean out the trays. Yes, I thought so 🙋

I know for a fact that I have a problem with cleaning out the trays and I also know that on a daily basis people google...

How to clean your scentsy warmers;

Easiest way to clean your scentsy warmer trays; and

Fastest, most convenient tricks for cleaning wax from warmers.

Out of my frustration I googled those same questions and not finding a convenient, easy and fast solution that suited me I set out to solve my own problem. I created Flippers.

Flippers are a disposable but reusable (2 or 3 times) leak proof wax warmer liner. These liners do not inhibit the scent in any way and leave your warmers clean and looking like new, just pop them in your trays and put the wax inside the Flippers. No longer do you have to struggle with the butter knife, spilling and messy clean up. Flippers will change the way you Scentsy.

So dust off those warmers, clean out the long forgotten wax for the last time and get yourself some Flippers. You now can enjoy your warmers again and even eliminate the double or triple wax cube drop ins before you clean the tray (we've all done it). You can even change your scents throughout the day, just imagine mocha doodle in the morning and lavender at night. It's all possible with Flippers.



  • Hi Joy Mann,
    Thank you for your comment and I appreciate you taking the time to write. To answer your question, the Flippers are rated to a 400 degree heat temperature so they are more than safe to be in your electric warmers. Flippers are NOT recommended for open flame warmers (tealight warmers) because if they come into direct contact with an open flame they will burn. I hope this answers your question and thank you for buying at the Lloydminster Craft Sale.

    Flippin' Happy
  • Picked up some Flippers at a craft show in Lloydminster. Love them, what a concept. Just have a question, these are obviously fire proof? Always a little nervous about that. Thanks.

    Joy Mann

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