Flippin' Happy

Flippin' Happy was started out of a frustration with cleaning out the wax in my warmers.  I love using my warmers but was frustrated with the process of cleaning out the trays. I found I would keep adding more wax cubes just to avoid cleaning them out.  There had to be a better way!  And there was!! I created the "Flipper", a liner for my wax warmers that are disposable but can be re-used a few times.  I filed a provisional patent and got to work. This is my first online adventure and I hope to bring an excellent product that will make you Flippin' Happy as well.  Soon I will have more varieties of the "Flipper, different sizes are coming soon as well as creative and unique designs to coordinate with every warmer.  Sign up for my newsletter so you don't miss out!

Contact me at: flippinhappy@outlook.com

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